Since each work of art takes the same amount of time to create, we charge the same amount per portrait. If you would like to book a session with 10 or more photos you will receive a 20% discount!


- Single Portraits -


Basic Portrait (Shoulders Up) ....... L$500

Artistic Portrait (Shoulders Up) .... L$1000


Basic Half Body ....... L$600

Artistic Half Body .... L$1500


Basic Full Body ........ L$700

Artistic Full Body ..... L$2000


- Couples Portraits -


Basic Portrait ....... L$1000

Artistic Portrait .... L$2000


L$500 - Each additional avatar (3 or more)

L$300 - Props such as babies, pets, vehicles or other things that count as another person and need to be included in the photo treatment.



Basic vs. Artistic




Basic portraits have minimal editing done to them other than fixing avatar issues caused by SL (jagged lines, sharp points and bumps), basic shading, and blending your avatar into an appropriate backdrop. We will make your avatar look great, but these portraits will not have as much impact as an artistic portrait.

Basic Portrait

Artistic Portrait

Artistic Portraits are works of digital art that our talented photographers create for you. We add shading and lighting effects, paint hair by hand, enhance and correct clothing, add facial expression and add all those little details that make your avatar really pop off the canvas.


With all the attention to detail, and hand drawing we will do on your photo, the artistic portraits will take some extra time to complete. All photos will be done within 3 days of your shoot. In the case of a 10 photo package, all photos will be completed within 10 days.