Art Addicts Photography is one of the highest quality photography studios in Second Life. Founded by Keira Lewellen in 2014, she has brought her ten years of experience in the photography business to create a client-centric studio unlike anything else in the virtual world. In 2017, we partnered with Bren Dovgal who enriches the studio with a decade of Second Life photography experience, as well as a roster of friendly service representatives to assist you.


The photographers at Art Addicts are constantly evolving, and striving to learn new skills to better serve their clientele. If you are looking for an overly stylized photo with painted hair, shadows, and lighting they can accommodate your every whim. If you only need something clean and nice looking, without all the bells and whistles, they would be happy to make that a reality as well.


Click here to visit our studio within Second Life.

About Art Addicts